IPA Component II: IPA CBC

Component II is comprised of two strands of cross-border cooperation:

a) at borders between Western Balkan candidate/potential candidate countries;
b) between candidates/potential candidates and the EU Member States.

It may also fund participation of beneficiary countries in Structural Funds’ trans-national co–operation programmes and Sea Basins programmes under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI), as appropriate.

DG Enlargement and the Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional Development are jointly responsible for the implementation of component II.

Common benefit will run the cooperation

The cornerstone of IPA CBC is the principle of “common benefit”. IPA CBC operates on both sides of the border based on a single set of rules, thus providing the opportunity for fully equal and balanced programming and decision making structures between Member States and candidate/potential candidate countries.

From measures financed under IPA CBC both parties have to benefit, therefore, joint programmes, joint management and joint financing of projects are required. Therefore, IPA CBC is meant to promote enhanced cooperation and progressive economic integration between the EU and the candidate/potential candidate countries.

Objectives of the IPA CBC component

IPA CBC will combine cohesion and external relation objectives taking into account the specific individual needs of the border regions:

  • Development of cross-border economic, social, and environmental activities of border areas;
  • Addressing common challenges in the field of environment, public health, prevention, fight against organized crime, etc.;
  • Ensuring efficient and secure borders;
  • Promoting legal and administrative cooperation;
  • Promoting local “people to people” type actions.