Thematic studies on socio-economic aspects of the border areas and/or on impact of EU funded cross-border programmes

Who can benefit?

  • Universities (public and private)
  • Research Centres (public and private)
  • Faculties (public)
  • Individual researchers (natural persons)

To do what?

The preparation of

  • papers
  • essays
  • articles

and their publisation.

In what type of subject?

A social and/or economic study focusing on one or more border areas of the corresponding country or on a cross-border perspective discussing one or more of the following themes:

  • Socio-economic phenomena
  • Development Constraints
  • Development Opportunities
  • Impact of the EU-funded cross-border cooperation (CBC) programmes.

As a way of illustrative example, the study could deal with

  • Migration trends in the cross-border area to and from other parts of the country and to and from other countries;
  • The failure of the local education and labour market institutions to meet the demands of employers (enterprises and public sector) on qualifications and skills;
  • Investments in environmental infrastructure as a means to preserve rich natural resources;
  • Assessment of the tourism offer made available by the EU-funded cross-border cooperation programmes.

What CBIB+ can provide?

  • Technical support and orientation;
  • Access to key background documents;
  • A network of field contacts;
  • The publication and promotion of the paper, essay or article in the project website (;
  • Following an assessment carried out by the management structures of the relevant CBC programme and representatives of the CBIB+ Project Team, the publication of the best paper, essay or article per country in the EU-funded newsletter “Yellow&Blue”.

What CBIB+ does not provide?

CBIB+ will not cover for the researcher or group of researchers (e.g. professors, students, free-lance researchers or journalists):

  • any professional fee or salary;
  • any per diem or travel expenses required for the field work;
  • any office costs or current costs of the premises of the institution to which the researchers are associated;
  • the purchase or rent of equipment necessary for the research;
  • the design or works of any building or the purchase of land;
  • the organisation of seminars, workshops, round tables or any other event;
  • any visibility action with the exception of the publication of the study in the CBIB+ website and the Regional Newsletter “Yellow&Blue”.

In which language will the study be drafted?

All papers, essays or articles must be submitted in English language.

Against this background, the CBIB+ Project Team shall be thankful if you will spread this opportunity amongst the relevant scientific staff of your institution. Please be informed that whoever may be interested in the facility should directly contact Ms Marija Stevanović, the Horizontal Operational Coordinator of the CBIB+ project team, at  the telephone +381 11 334 91 28 and email address If you would like to have more information on our project or the EU-funded CBC programmes, please note that you may want to visit our website at

The deadline for the expression of interest for this call is 30 May 2014, while the deadline for submission of final documents is 12 September 2014.