The final conference of the project “White sport and 19th century common cultural and historical heritage as the touristic offer of the Municipalities Rudo and Priboj” was held in Priboj on 30 September  2020. On that occasion, the results achieved in the past 21 months of the project implementation were presented.

The project team members presented in detail the activities carried out on a project funded by the European Union to 215,663.68 euros through our program.

At the beginning of the conference, the coordinator for development programs and projects of the municipality of Rudo, Jelena Kuzmanović Shalipur addressed the audience. “It is natural that there is a cooperation between the municipalities of Rudo and Priboj, which are connected territoriality and culturally. The result of good cooperation is this project, whose topic is the common cultural and historical heritage from the end of the 19th century from the period in which two empires and one kingdom bordered here. We thank the European Union as the financier of this project, we also want to thank Mr Vidoje Didanović, who was the creator of the story about tennis and the valorization of the historical heritage of the three borders in the function of tourism development. I would especially like to emphasize the great importance of making souvenirs of this area, which has so far been missing in the tourist offer of our local governments. We hope that we will continue and expand cooperation with the municipality of Priboj and valorize all natural and cultural-historical potentials in order to develop the tourist offer of our communities. “, said Mrs.Kuzmanivić Shalipur.

On behalf of the President of the Municipality and Local Self-Government of Priboj, the director of the Tourist Organization of Priboj, Vladan Radović, greeted those present: “We are very pleased that, despite the pandemic Covid-19, we successfully realize all goals and activities on this project.”We are especially glad that this project, which was unusual for everyone at the beginning, justified the expectations and, apart from infrastructural, educational and material contents, achieved great promotion of our region and cultural and historical heritage. Now, our territories are mapped on all tourist offers in the wider region. Clearly visible benefits for both local communities and our citizens are two newly built tennis courts in Priboj and Rudo, which provide new opportunities for the development of the existing Tennis Club Priboj and the newly formed Tennis Section Rudo, as well as the fact that complete tennis equipment is procured and available to children, athletes. “.

Mr Vidoje Didanović, financial project manager from TOPB, Mrs Svetlana Vuković, PR of the project from the Public Institution for Sports and Tourism of the Municipality of Rudo and Mr Goran Reković, media associate on the project, held a multimedia presentation of project activities.

Mr Vidoje Didanović pointed out: “In the previous two projects, the municipalities of Rudo and Priboj have developed rafting as a tourist attraction and adrenaline sport, through the purchase of boats and equipment and the implementation of training and licensing of skippers. We became a rafting centre, we founded the Rafting Association of Serbia in Priboj, and members of the Rafting Club EKO-LIM from Priboj became members of the rafting national teams of Serbia. We invite all tennis fans, like our rafters, to develop tennis together in the next few years. ”

Source: IPA CBC programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina website