IPA CBC programmes 2007-2013

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Nov 06 2007 - May 05 2016

IPA CBC programmes 2007-2013

The awareness seminar held in Shkodra on November 6th 2007 was the fifth event of this kind organized in Albania by CBIB as a par of the information dissemination efforts related to IPA CBC and programmes with neighbouring Western Balkan countries. The cross-border programme with Montenegro was presented to the participants.

A total number of 46 people participated in the seminar, which was well covered by local media.


The overall objective of the awareness seminar was to provide the final beneficiaries of the Shkodra region with:

(i) a general overview of IPA and the Component II – cross-border cooperation;

(ii) relevant information on IPA cross-border programmes: eligible areas, priorities and measures, eligible applicants and actions;

(iii) characteristics of cross-border projects;

(iv) general information on our project and the support that it will provide to potential applicants as well as to the National Authorities in the process of implementation of CBC programmes.

The seminar was officially opened by Mr. Gjovalin Kolombi, Head of the Regional Council. After that four presentations were delivered.


  • There is a high level of interest among the potential applicants in this region, for the cross- border programme, in particular from the local authorities;
  • Low level of interest was shown by the NGOs;
  • Participants showed a particular interest on the coming training programme presented by the CBIB representatives.

Lessons Learned:

  • Role of the Regional Authorities is crucial during the entire process;
  • Intensive long–term local based support is needed if these programmes are to be successfully implemented;
  • Information on cross-border programmes should reach not only few groups but all communities in the eligible regions;
  • Closer contact with the Regional Council during the launch of the CfP, will be important.
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