Within the project “Protection observatory for regional area of medicinal plants as lively cross-border infrastructure of sustainable tourism – PORALIST”, two trainings were organised with the aim of improving knowledge and skills of interested stakeholders from Prijepolje and Bijelo Polje in the field of medicinal plants.

A team of experts from the Institute for the study of medicinal plants ” Dr. Josif Pancic ” gave a lecture on medicinal herbs in Bijelo Polje on 15/10/2019 and Prijepolje 16/10/2019.

The aim of trainings was to improve the knowledge and skills of stakeholders from Prijepolje and Bijelo Polje in the field of medicinal plants – sustainable collection, storage, nursery production and use, as well as opportunities for the integration of medicinal plants for medical, cosmetic and for gastronomy, tourism purposes. Experts from the Institute ” Dr. Josif Pancic ” presented the topics important for all those involved in or intend to start work in the field of medicinal plants. By establishing a sustainable model of exploiting medicinal plants infrastructure and creating innovative solutions to local development in Serbia and Montenegro, will contribute to creating new opportunities for further development and improvement of tourism facilities as one of the priority sectors for both cross-border territories.

It is planned that in addition to theoretical, following trainings include practical matters, which will provide participants a chance to get better acquainted with the plant species of the area and learn how to properly use them as a resource for improving the socio-economic status. Within the next project activities the participants will have an opportunities to participate in workshops for the production of souvenirs with elements of herbs and integration of natural resources in tourism activities, study visits, examples of good practice in Serbia and Montenegro, as well as a chance to the improve design and packaging of their products.

The PORALIST action is funded by the European Union under the Financial Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) as part of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia-Montenegro 2014 – 2020, jointly implemented in Prijepolje and Bijelo Polje by the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor, Institute for the Study of Medicinal Plants “Dr Josif Pancic “and NGO Multimedijala Montenegro.