The cross-border cooperation project “Amusing Museums – aMUSeumING” organizes training for twelve accommodation service providers from Herzegovina and the border areas of Montenegro in order to raise the quality of their work and connect accommodation facilities and museums. Four one-day trainings will be organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Through training, accommodation providers will be able to present the current level of quality and opportunities to improve it. The trainings will be supported by a joint implementation team, museum staff, and guest lecturers on specific practical topics.

This will enable a better connection between accommodation providers and museums with the aim of expanding the market, as well as providing assistance in improving quality and mutual promotion, especially in rural areas.

After completing the training, the six most promising providers of accommodation capacities will be selected, who will apply the acquired knowledge at the trainings in practice, and they will be provided with technical assistance by hired experts. Also, the project team will ensure the development of promotional material for accommodation service providers who apply the proposed improvements, increase the quality of services and connect with museums with the aim of mutual promotion.

You can send the application for participation by sending a letter of interest until June 26, 2020. by 5 pm to e-mail:  or to the e-mail addresses below. All registered accommodation providers from the area of Nikšić, Jablanica and Konjic can apply. All additional information related to the training can be obtained at the contacts below.

The project cross-border cooperation “Amusing Museums” (aMUSeumING) funded by the European Union within the cross-border program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro. The project is jointly implemented by the LiNK Association from Mostar in cooperation with the National Museum of Montenegro (MNE) and the Municipality of Jablanica (BiH). The total value of the project is EUR 394,904, of which the European Union is financing EUR 333,575 (84,47%).

Source: IPA II CBC Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro programme website