The project “Bringing in sustainable waste management – BinS” supported the procurement of a new truck for the collection and disposal of municipal waste, as well as a set of activities aimed at protecting the environment, introducing a sustainable waste management system and composting promotion.

The training on composting was held in Gusinje on 15 and 16 June 2021, and was intended for young farmers, residents of urban and suburban settlements in Gusinje who are interested in composting.

The training was attended by 30 participants who had the opportunity to learn new information on this very interesting topic. During both days, a theoretical part of the training was held in the Municipality of Gusinje while field work was carried out in the yards of interested citizens where the method of making composters and stacking biodegradable waste for its decomposition and later composting.

During the training, a total of 30 composting kits were distributed to interested citizens, with a tendency for the trend of composting bio-waste to spread among farmers and other residents of Gusinje.

The Project is implemented in partnership with the Utility Company “Vrela” from Sjenica.


Source: IPA II CBC programme Serbia – Montenegro website