Brief description ReUse & ReDesign plus – A cross-border project that supports and promotes the idea of reusing waste.
Region Internal EU borders
Countries Austria (AT) – Hungary (HU)
Location AT: Burgenland, Vienna, East Styria
HU: Western Hungary
Type of project partners Non-governmental organisations (international/national NGOs)
Chambers, business associations
Educational institutions
Size (total budget including EU grants) Over € 500,000
Main themes Competitiveness, business and SME development, trade and investment
Employment, labour mobility and social inclusion
Research, technological development, innovation and ICT
Keywords (Types of Activities) Study visits, exchanges and networking
Research and studies
Marketing, promotional activities, awareness campaigns
Keywords (Aspects of Good Practice) Genuine cross-border dimension
Genuine cross-border impact
Good dissemination
Good sustainability
Background and Objectives The project exploits an innovative idea of creating designed products based on waste material, thus positively contributing to environmental protection and sustainability by saving energy and reducing waste.

Its aims are:

  • To raise the awareness of the population on both sides of the border for sustainable consumption and, at the same time, create new and long-term employment for disadvantaged jobseekers.
  • To strengthen the competitiveness of social economy enterprises and promote the development of cooperation between enterprises and the social economy from the perspective of sustainability.
Main activities The project focuses on creating the suitable conditions to design and manufacture new products recycling waste material.

The following activities have been carried out:

  • Making contact with stakeholders and potential partners to participate in the project.
  • Manufacturing redesigned products from different materials.
  • Organising a design contest and awarding a redesign prize.
  • Running a professional training programme for participating students.
  • Evaluating the professional training programme.
Main results More than 25 product designs were produced by people who live in a difficult social situation and need external help. Within the framework of the project, a reuse shop and a web shop were planned and launched as sales channels, and targeted appearance on social media sites promoted the initiative.

In order to create demand for the products, higher education students participating in the project took part in an 8-10 day practice-oriented, modular professional training programme on how to evaluate project ideas, how to map out market potential and target consumers. Knowledge transfer in marketing, pricing and selling also formed part of the training project.

In addition, a contest for young designers who submitted product ideas was organised. An Austrian-Hungarian professional jury evaluated these ideas. The products created fell in one of the following categories: “Mobility & Public Space”, “Household and Domestic Life”, “Accessories & Giveaways” and “Jewellery & Fashion”. The jury paid particular attention to a unique and attractive appearance as well as simplicity of production.

Aspects of good practice This project has demonstrated good practice across the board, working on a cross-border basis, being innovative, and creating the dynamics that can take the benefits of this initiative beyond the completion of the project.

It has had a tangible impact on its participants, showing that waste prevention and reduction can be combined with social support in the fields of reuse and redesign, and that waste can be used in a socially and environmentally conscious way that could even result in economic returns.

Start and completion dates: January 2012 – August 2014
More information

Partner ARGE waste prevention, resource conservation and sustainable development GmbH
Lützowgasse 12, 1140 Vienna
Partner NOVA EUROPA Nonprofit Információs Szolgáltató és Médiafejlesztő Kft
HU – 8316 Vallus, Rákóczi út 58
Partner Savaria Rehab team Szociális Szolgáltató és Foglalkoztatási Kiemelkedően Közhasznú
Nonprofit Kft
HU – 9700 Szombathely, Zanati út 1
Partner Nyugat Magyarországi Egyetem
HU – 9400 Sopron, Bajcsi Zsilinszky út 4
Partner Designaustria Knowledge Centre & Advocacy
A – 1070 Vienna, Museum Square 1 / Courtyard 7
Partner Regional Management Burgenland mbH
A – 7000 Eisenstadt, Market Street 3
Partner FH Wien – courses of WKW, Vienna Competence Team for Entrepreneurship
A – 1180 Vienna, Währinger Gürtel 97