Brief description Cooperation in the field of energy efficiency and renewable resources towards fulfilling EU energy goals.
Region Internal EU borders
Countries Austria (AT) – Slovakia (SK)
Location AT: Römerland-Carnuntum
SK: Malacky
Type of project partners Local associations/groups (CSOs, including local NGOs)
Public enterprises
Size (total budget including EU grants) Over € 500,000
Main themes Research, technological development, innovation and ICT
Environmental protection, climate change and risk prevention
Keywords (Types of Activities) Research and studies
Publications, websites, databases
Keywords (Aspects of Good Practice) Genuine cross-border dimension
Genuine cross-border impact
Background and Objectives The European Union has set out goals for the reduction of greenhouse gases, increase of the proportion of energy from renewable sources, and higher energy efficiency.

Within this context and through cooperation between the two border regions of Römerland-Carnuntum (AT) and Malacky (SK), this project aimed to create the conditions that would assist in the fulfilment of these goals.

Specifically the objectives were to:

  • Analyse the potential use of renewable energy in the Malacky region with special regard to biogas.
  • Create an energy model for the region of Römerland-Carnuntum.
  • Produce research to identify energy sources that can efficiently cover the seasonal peak demand.
Main activities The project activities focused on:

  • Preparing an analysis of the energy needs for the Malacky region.
  • Operating pilot investments in Malacky, including the introduction of solar heating in the municipal open air baths.
  • Preparing a feasibility study for a missing-link facility (specific seasonal peak coverage) in the region Römerland-Carnuntum.
  • Creating an accessible online energy check portal by translating it into Slovakian.
Main results The project INREN, focusing on the cross-border area between the two capitals Vienna and Bratislava, achieved to build a cross-border network which managed to evaluate the energy potential of the area and concentrated its efforts in promoting sustainable development for the benefit of both countries.

The activities of the project included not only a demonstration of the potential of data collection in both regions regarding renewable energy but also paved the way for additional research and further education. Furthermore, it awaken interest amongst employers and employees on the value of renewable energy.

Aspects of good practice The INREN project represents an innovative cross-border cooperation initiative towards achieving EU-wide goals and has created the ground for buiding up consecutive actions in the same field.
Start and completion dates: October 2009 – February 2013
More information
Lead Partner Energiepark Bruck an der Leitha
Energiepark Bruck / Leitha
Fischamender St. 12
Bruck an der Leitha 2460, Austria
Tel: +43 2162 68100-18
Partner Mesto Malacky
Radlinskeho 2751/1
Malacky 901 01, Slovak Republic
tel: +421 34 796 61 77
Partner Energy Centre Bratislava
Ambrova 35
831 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Tel: +421 91 2593000
Partner Testing and Research Agricultural Institute, SKTC-106 (tsup Rovinka)
Rovinka 900 41, Slovak Republic
Tel: +421 2 45980 307
Partner Plus Agrar GmbH
Bräuhausgasse 3
St. 3100 Polten, Austria
Tel: +43 664 223 3387