The Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) has launched the B-solutions 2.0 Call for proposals.

B-solutions 2.0 addresses border regions along EU internal land and maritime borders and along EU borders with EFTA and IPA countries.

The call aims to select 120 cases which will receive technical support to identify and elaborate potential solutions toborder obstacles of a legal and/or administrative nature in various thematic areas (institutional cooperation, cross-border public services, labour market and education and European Green Deal).

The applicants must be public bodies, “bodies governed by public law” or “public equivalent bodies” at the national, regional or local level with a national boundary limiting their territory, or cross-border entities (EGTCs, Euroregions, Eurodistricts, Eurocities and similar cross-border structures).

The application forms must be submitted electronically via before 30 June 2022.

 Guidelines to the application and FAQs can be found in the link above.

Additional information on a thematic area (European Green Deal, Labour market and education, Public services) please register here to participate at the future info sessions.