As part of the “Common action for better care” project, which is being carried out for the second year by the PI Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities “Tisa” from Bijelo Polje and the Asofsociation for People with Developmental Dissabilities “Tahir Taša Delić” from Novi Pazar, in the Hotel “Franca” In Bijelo Polje, an exhibition  the works of children, users of these two centers, was organized. After Bijelo Polje, the exhibition will be organized in Novi Pazar, said the director of “Tisa” Ensad Omerović, emphasizing his satisfaction with the results achieved during the past two years, realizing this project.

“The special achievements in this project are the complete furnishing of the Salt Room in the Day Center “Tisa” for our users, the procurement of equipment for neurofeedback and biofeedback, and the training of staff to provide services within both centers in Bijelo Polje and in Novi Pazar. We also acquired equipment for the production of candles and a decoupage workshop in Novi Pazar, where employees from Bijelo Polje provided mentorship and education to colleagues from Novi Pazar, and thus helped them to introduce a new work-occupational workshop within their work and activities. In addition, we launched a project for users over 27 years old, and through that program included 15 users, we organized work in the second shift and employed two professional workers, a driver and a nurse, who took care of and worked with the users”, he said. He points out that in the framework of this project, apart from the beneficiaries, they also did a lot for their parents.

“Our employees had a training for psycho-social support for parents and conducted twelve workshops for all interested parents of our users”, Omerović pointed out.

Lejla Delić, from the Association for People with Developmental Disabilities “Tahir Taša Delić” from Novi Pazar, recalled that a van was also purchased as part of the project for the needs of mobile teams engaged in rural areas in the municipality of Novi Pazar.

“During these two years, we implemented an extensive campaign related to the promotion of the project, and two camps were organized, one in Montenegro and the other in Serbia,” emphasized Delić.

The project “Common action to better care” will be completed on May 31, 2023.


Source: IPA II CBC Serbia – Montenegro programme website