News and Events

16.09.2020. to 21.09.2020.

Call for Participants: The role of civil society in fight against racism and other forms of discrimination: Lessons-learned from Black Lives Matter Movement for the Western Balkans and Tukey

27.08.2020. to 27.09.2020.
Have the women within WBs gained power and control over their own lives and acquired the ability to make strategic choices?

If you would like to learn more about women on WBs, if you want to hear their stories and see what they have managed to change in their local communities save the date for them. Interact and CBIB+3 workshop 'Cooperation projects as a driving force for empowerment of women' is taking place on 13 October 2020 at 16.30. 

AEBR invites to follow its second online forum on the impact of measures taken to contain the pandemic of Covid-19 on cross-border cooperation.

An open forum, taking place on 26 August 2020, accessible to a maximum of 100 participants, will see the participation of various representatives from border regions of IPA countries to discuss the current situation in their territories. Also, the keynote speech from

The Online Consultation Forum for Municipalities of the Cross border region of Kosovo and North Macedonia was held today, 18 August 2020.

The programme, priorities and the Next Call for Proposals (to be launched soon) was presented to the Mayors, deputy mayors and other municipality staff.
More info available on programme page.