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19.11.2020. to 07.12.2020.
This survey is carried out as part of the Mid-term Evaluation of Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes between IPA II Beneficiaries, commissioned by the European Commission DG NEAR and implemented by a consortium involving Particip, ECORYS, ecdpm, FISCUS, itad and Oxford Policy Management.
11.11.2020. to 15.02.2021.
The eligible area of the Programme is the following:

- in the Republic of North Macedonia: the Regions of Pelagonia, Polog, Southwest,

- in the Republic of Albania: the Regions of Dibra, Elbasan, Korça.

The Programme welcomes potential applicants to submit their applications electronically. Online submission via PROSPECT is mandatory for this call for proposals until 15/02/2021. The call will be opened for the following thematic priorities of the Programme:

Priority 1: Encouraging tourism, culture and natural heritage
Within the project “Cross-border network of natural heritage – CBC Nature NET”, Establishment of the four thematic educational trails in the protected area in Serbia -was successfully implemented, an activity is a direct support to the development of green and sustainable tourist attractions and offers in Serbia.

The activity was carried out within four protected areas: Zlatibor nature park, Special Nature Reserve – Mileševska river, Landscapes of exceptional features „Kamena gora“ and „Ozren – Jadovnik“.

“Between two empires”, is the name of the exhibition from the  National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was opened on November 4, 2020 in the National Museum in Užice. After Zagreb and Ljubljana, the Užice audience has the opportunity to see the works of František Topič created at the turn of the century, where two civilizations met – the departing Ottoman and the newly arrived Austro-Hungarian. Also, that time  changes the people, those were noted by František Topič, leaving about five thousand glass photo-plates that are kept in the National Museum.

As part of the cross-border cooperation project funded by the European Union, an online Conference on Energy and Water Efficiency of Water Supply Services in the Cross-Border Area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro was held on October 22 and 23, 2020. It was the first of three planned conferences, aimed at promoting EU standards, policies, and practices to increase water and energy efficiency in the water supply sector in the cross-border area between BiH and Montenegro.