Project funding EU
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Programme website Albania – Kosovo
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective The socio-economic integration of youth is fostered
Project start date 01.03.2018
Project end date 29.02.2020
Project total budget EUR 322.426,36
Project EU funding EUR 274.000,00

Description To create skilled labour force among youth based on labour market demand, for better employment opportunities through training, job mediation, family economies and start-ups, by improving employment and training services in cross border region.
Project activities are clustered in six interlinked work packages in line with the respective expected results presented above:
1. Review of the current ES services
2. Development of vocational standards and curricula
3. Creating links between businesses from the cross border region as well spontaneous collectors in both countries
4. Training of unemployed: WP Main Activities
5. Linking trained youth with Active Labour Measures
6. Dissemination and mainstreaming
Expected results 1. The current services in PES in cross-border region is improved
2. Two vocational standards, curricula and qualification are developed and formally approved by relevant institutions in both countries.
3. 80 unemployed people are trained for collection, cultivation, processing and commercial promotion of forests grown fruits and medical herbs and 40 unemployed people are trained for Business Start-up
4. At least 60 beneficiaries are economically integrated through, job mediation, family economies and start-ups,
5. The connection between businesses in the field of agriculture, specifically forest grown products and medical herbs in cross border area is improved
6. The interest of youth people in Cross border region for collection production and processing for forest grown fruits and medical herbs is increased.
Expected outputs 1. Development of a Report for the Review of Public Employment and Vocational Services in the cross-border area between Albania and Kosovo.
2. Organization of 2 visits of Project team members and engaged experts to review the PES services;
3. Organization of two 1-day study visits (PES employees visiting cross-border peers)
4. Organization of two workshops with public  employment and vocational training services
5. Development and accreditation of two joint vocational standards
6. Development of two joint curricula and training materials for Forest Grown Fruit and Medical Herbs
7. Development of a Market research in the field of forest grown Fruits and Medical Herbs cross border area,
8. Organization of two B2Bs.

Lead partner Institution name: Employment Promotion Agency Kosovo
Country: Kosovo*
Address: Rexhep Krasniqi nr. 59, Prishtinë/Priština
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: International Studies Institute
Country: Albania
Address: Sulejman Delvina, Pall. 1/ Ap. 1, Tirana
Legal status: Private

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence