Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Albania – Kosovo
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Tourism, cultural and natural heritage is valorised as a way to promote the economic development of the area
Project start date 15.03.2018
Project end date 14.03.2020
Project total budget EUR 444.684,38
Project EU funding EUR 377.981,73

Description The Overall Objective (OO) is to enhance cross-border (CB) economic activities through unique sustainable tourism models based on natural, traditional and cultural values, while bringing forth common characteristics of the region.
In order to achieve the OO, the Action will strive to achieve the following Specific Objectives (SO): SO1: Further development of ViP Dinarica long-distance trail and enriching tourism offer that links mountain communities and tourism stakeholders in target region for valorization of unique natural wealth & cultural-historic heritage; SO2: Raise awareness on economic, environmental & social benefits of long-distance trails, increase attractiveness and competitiveness of the tourist offer in project covered area; SO3. Increase attractiveness of the area for visitors through small-scale interventions and effective promotion and marketing of the destination.
Expected results R1. ViP Dinarica further expanded in to include the CBC geographic region;
R2. The local tourist offer expanded within the existing network to create & sustain results;
R3: New and market-driven products and services identified and innovatively supported;
R4: Enhanced capacities of ViP Dinarica stakeholders;
R5. Joint tourist offers promoted and CB network strengthened;
R6. Natural, cultural and historical heritage is better promoted as a sustainable income generation asset.
R7. International tourism fair organised.
Expected outputs 1.1. Mapping of Assets carried out;
1.2. Product development workshops carried out with local tourism boards
1.3. Small-scale infrastructure improvements further link the CBC region to Via Dinarica trail;
2.1 Market Access Programme delivered to at least 40 local services providers and tour agencies;
2.2 Local service providers linked with tour operators;
2.3 Improved access to outbound markets;
3.1 Workshops with service providers carried out
3.2 10 local tourist boards and other associations introduced with operations of destination management in tourism.
3.3 Up to 40 active tourism guides will be trained in tour guiding and development of mountain trails.
4.1 Local tourism offer aligned with national and regional strategies.
4.2 Local tourism boards actively engage stakeholders;
5.1 CB region identified with common branding and identity;
5.2 Joint CB region publications and information materials produced;
5.3 6 B2B and networking events organized;
6.1 GPS tracking of hiking and biking trails with marking of local SMEs;
6.2 Maps, brochures, common branding materials (i.e. stickers) produced and distributed
7.1 Fair is planned and organized;
7.2 Fair receives both high attendance and media coverage.

Lead partner Institution name: Community Development Fund
Country: Kosovo*
Address: Sejdi Kryeziu, No.32, Prishtinë/Priština
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Albanian Development Fund
Country: Albania
Address: Sami Frasheri, No 10, Tirana
Legal status: Private

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence